Top 10 Questions to ask your DJ

The TOP 10 questions you should be asking your DJ!

Top 10 Questions to ask your DJ

Article Updated 15/01/2024
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If you have not contacted a DJ yet, You should read the above ‘related article’ as it will help explain many factors that a DJ will consider when providing a quote specific to your event.
The DJ should ask you a variety of questions based on factors listed in the aforementioned guide.

Now its your turn to ask the DJ these Top 10 Questions

Top 10 Questions to ask a DJ - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco
Ask the DJ these ten questions!

Starting at 10, The questions increase in importance as we near Question 1.

10) Can I choose the music?

The ideal answer to this is “YES – But not all the music”
Remember you are hiring a DJ, not an-Ipod.  A good DJ will ‘read the room” and will play the music your guests want to hear.
A really good DJ will welcome your music input and song requests while maintaining a lively dance floor.

Top Tip: If you want to choose ALL the music, It would be cost effective to hire the equipment and play your own music from an Ipod or CD player.

9) What music do you have?

The DJ should have music specific to your event. If Not, Can they buy the music?
For example if you are planning an 80’s Night, You would expect the DJ to be well equipped with 80’s music.
For events that are not specific to a particular music genre, A good DJ should have a wide variety of music available.

8) Do you have “Clean” Versions of songs?

When a DJ purchases their music, They usually opt for the ‘clean’ radio edits, Guests are unlikely to be offended by a radio edit and they will already know that version from the radio.
If you will have children or easily offended guests present, Always insist on ‘Clean versions’ of the songs.

7) How Big is your PA System and is lighting included?

Speaker Size, Brand and ‘Watt’ ratings are meaningless to most people (Unless you are a DJ)
A good DJ will have several speaker options and will choose the best for the venue size and type of event.
That being said, you want to be sure their system is capable. So ask your DJ to explain more about their chosen system.

Some DJ’s include lighting (the flashing lights that illuminate the dance floor) in their package, others charge extra for it. It’s worth asking so you know exactly what you will be getting.

6) How long will it take you to setup and pack-away

This is crucial as the DJ will need to arrive before your event starts, setup and be ready for guest arrival.
We suggest about an hour for setup time however that will vary between DJ’s.
Its also worth noting that if you hire additional services from the DJ, Such as Up-lighting or Backdrops this will extend the setup time required.
Tip: Some venues charge per night, others by the hour. If you are charged by the hour remember the Setup time your DJ needs before guests arrive and pack-away time afterwards.

How long does it take to pack-away?

In most cases a one hour setup time will be a 45 minute pack away. If you have elected extra services this will be longer still.
If guests and DJ equipment need to be out of the venue by a set time, you will need to consider this in your event timings.
Your chosen venue should be able to advise you on timings.

5) Will you be drinking?

Consider this… The DJ needs to DRIVE to your event. Setup correctly, Perform to the best of their ability and pack-up safely. After your event the DJ must DRIVE home.
If the DJ drinks while working, they will not do their job properly leaving you with a poor performance and unhappy guests. Also, they risk Drink driving… I dread to think!

The Answer should be NO.

4) What if your equipment fails?

The dreaded silence. Laptop crashes, Speakers blow up, Extension leads overload, Lights stop working…
What will your DJ do in the event of equipment failure?

Good DJ’s will carry spare Speakers, Laptops, Lights and cables, should the worst ever happen.
Ask your DJ about their Back-up Plan. If they have no back-up plan, Its party over.
Look for a different DJ!

3) What happens if you get sick?

If the DJ call’s in sick – will i still have a disco?
A good DJ will know other DJ’s (Their peers) and should find cover on short notice.
Note: This is a good measure of how respectful your DJ is to Other (Competing) DJ’s.
If your DJ can find cover quickly, its likely they have built up a support network with their peers rather than alienating them through unprofessional practises.

Ask your DJ what they would do in this emergency situation!

2) Do you have Public Liability Insurance and PAT testing?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is an annual electrical safety test on all electrical equipment to ascertain its safety.
Public Liability Insurance (PLI) covers the DJ against any claims for Personal Injury and Damage to property (including fire)
Without Public Liability Insurance, The DJ, The Venue and YOU are jointly liable for any claims that could arise.
Venues are completely within their right to turn away uninsured DJ’s. Imagine trying to find another DJ an hour before your event because the venue will not let them in?
Always insist on seeing the DJ’s PAT certificate and Public Liability Insurance certificate before booking.
If they cannot provide proof, Find another DJ.

1) Will i get a Contract?

But that’s legal stuff right? Yes but you REALLY should insist on having a contract.
A contract is your guarantee the DJ will turn up to your event and do what was promised.
If the DJ is not contracted to you, Technically they are not legally bound to turn up to your event.
Imagine the worry, Its 7pm and guests are arriving but where is the DJ?  

The contract should state the DJ’s Name, Address, Event Date and Times. It should state the services you have hired, the prices agreed, payment terms and cancellation terms.

If the DJ won’t issue you with a contract then you have no legal protection when something goes wrong. 
Look for another DJ that will give you that security with a contract!

But what about the Price, That’s a question?

Price is a question, but its not in the TOP 10 Questions you should ask your DJ because it goes without saying, every DJ will have their own price.
Amateur or Bedroom DJs will value their work less than the Professional’s who have many many years experience and provide a superior service.
We strongly discourage choosing a DJ based on Price alone.

Visit our DJ Prices Guide

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