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Updated: 13/05/2024
(New PLI Certificate, PAT Testing and Basic Disclosure Certificates)

Who is Happy Sounds Mobile Disco and what are we about?

Happy Sounds Mobile Disco is a long established Mobile DJ business, Therefore with our extensive experience in the wedding sector we have been voted Shropshire’s Best Professional DJ and Disco Service in the 2021 Matrimony awards.

Our unique location base in the English/Welsh border town of Oswestry means we are ideally situated to provide our award winning services to Shropshire, Powys, Cheshire and Mid-wales. In addition to this we do travel further for selected events.

Meet The Team
About Dave and Belinda - The Happy Sounds Mobile Disco Team
Dave and Belinda – Husband and Wife.

From day one your first enquiry is welcomed by one of us consequently
if you book us for a wedding, We’ll BOTH meet you in person when it’s time for your pre-wedding consultation.
On the day of your event, we will BOTH arrive not on time, but early enough to setup with time to spare.
We will both stay until your event finishes and we have packed away our equipment.

Above all you won’t miss us either as we will both be wearing clean, neatly ironed company shirts that bear our logo.

We are NOT an agency!

In recent years we have watched a number of our competitors change the way they operate in that they secure and distribute events like an agency.

– Typically there will only be one main DJ who will take multiple bookings for the same date.  (Over booking)
– He/She will DJ the most profitable event themselves (Typically a wedding).
– They will then allocate (Or tender out) the other bookings to young/less experienced DJ’s, Charging them commission to work YOUR event!

Our Ethos

Conversely, We believe if you pay a little more, you should receive a superior service.
When you book with Happy Sounds Mobile Disco, you will get DJ Dave and his wife Belinda… TOGETHER at the same event!
The choice to only DJ one event at a time is built upon our extensive reputation as Oswestry’s leading Professional DJ service.

Quality over quantity.

Without the ‘additional DJ” distraction we can focus 100% on your event to provide the award winning quality service you read about and so rightly deserve.

So how serious do we take our work? Well, Neither of us work a 9 – 5  ‘Day Job’ or any other employment for that matter… We are 100% Happy Sounds Mobile Disco
Its exactly what you are looking for… A DJ that is well rested, alert, receptive and ready for you!

Happy Sounds Mobile Disco primarily offers Professional DJ with Disco Services, Second to this we offer a range of hire services.
Disco Equipment hire, Public Address systems, Up-lighting/Mood lighting, Star-lit backdrops and post box hire.  See all the services we provide or choose “Services” from the site menu.

Safety and Accreditation;

We are fully compliant with regards to Insurance and Electrical safety testing. We are happy to freely publish our accreditation’s.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and Portable Appliance testing (PAT) are required for most venues.
Click below for downloadable copies of our certification.
Disclosure Check Certification (Formally a CRB check) Dave    << Peace of mind for events involving children!
Disclosure Check Certification (Formally a CRB check) Belinda << Peace of mind for events involving children!

£10 million Public Liability Insurance
Electrical Safety Testing (PAT Testing) SummaryPAT Report 2024 & Certification /PAT Testing Detailed
Risk Assessment

Mobile DJ Network Membership


In August 2021 we were notified by the Matrimony awards body that we had been nominated for the awards, Thank you to whoever nominated us!
November 2021 we won Best Wedding DJ for Shropshire and went through to Win overall Best DJ in the National Awards


Overall Winner - Best DJ - Matrimony Awards 2021
September 2020 took us by surprise as we were voted “Best DJ In Shropshire” in the Matrimony Awards 2021. (Formally the Three-Counties Wedding Awards)
Matrimony Awards 2021 Best DJ IN Shropshire - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco

In January 2019 we were awarded the Platinum award of Excellence in the bridebook wedding awards 2019. We want to thank our 2018 brides and grooms for without you, this award would not have been possible.

Platinum Award of Excellence - Bridebook Wedding Awards 2019 - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco

Our History

Happy Sounds Mobile Disco started like most DJ businesses… Progressing a DJ hobby into a Career.

Our first event (As HSMD) was an intimate wedding party for the Bride and Groom’s immediate family.
26 August 2012 at The Boat – Erbistock.
About Happy Sounds Mobile Disco - Wedding at The Boat - Erbistock - Bride and Groom About Happy Sounds Mobile Disco - Wedding at The Boat - Erbistock
Since our very first event up to the time of writing, we have provided entertainment/equipment services for over 700 events!

Happy Sounds Mobile Disco has previously held three residencies, “The Venue @ Park Hall in Oswestry”, “The Market Hotel in Ellesmere” and thirdly “Carriages Oswestry Ltd”
We are proud to hold our current residency (since the start of 2019) at the Sweeny Hotel.

About Happy Sounds Mobile Disco - Dance Crazy at Carriages

The DJ… A.K.A  ‘Disco Dave’
About Happy Sounds Mobile Disco - DJ Dave

So where did the nick-name ‘Disco Dave’ come from?
With the high number of child parties we DJ, We occasionally see some of the same children again and again and because of this they have dubbed Dave the title of “Disco Dave”

Dave has always been passionate about music. From 2014 to 2016 he regularly produced 2-hour dance music sets (3 times a week…midweek) for a global internet radio station. Multi tasking was always an essential part of the job as the radio station linked to an internet chat room. Dave would regularly comment on chat room topics during his mixes keeping the broadcast relevant, fresh and interesting to its listeners.
About Happy Sounds Mobile Disco - Internet Radio Broadcasting 2014-2016

Lets go back further…

To 2001 when Dave first entered the mobile DJ “circuit” working for ‘Black Cat Disco’
Black Cat Disco was an established DJ business ran by ‘DJ Ali C’ which found its feet and gained momentum in the late 90’s. Although primarily a mobile disco, they held a residency in Gibsons night club (Oswestry) for several years before moving residency to the Five Bells (Oswestry) and continuing the great work every weekend until its closure in 2017.


Working with Black Cat Disco taught Dave the required skills to be a successful DJ such as reading the crowd and learning his music collection.
Importantly recognising the need to Adapt his music to the ebb and flow of an ever changing dance floor.
In summer 2017 Dave hired DJ Ali C for a DJ Collaboration…The pair went back to back mixing for an absolutely bouncing wedding party!
Big shout out to Gaz Williams for letting us Collaborate at your wedding party!
Happy Sounds Mobile Disco - Wedding Testimonial July 2017

So where did it all begin for Dave?

Dave like any teenager loved his music. When simply listening to music wasn’t enough, he began to DJ using Vinyl, Practising at length!
Dave first learnt how to mix music on Vinyl. Taught by DJ Ali C and consequently Dave considers DJ Ali C to be his mentor.
Happy Sounds Mobile Disco - DJ Dave and the early days
With a penchant for Dance, Trance and House music Dave subsequently found inspiration in big named DJ’s.
For that reason Dave attended many DJ events and finally in 2002 meet his idol Judge Jules at God’s Kitchen (Below)
DJ Dave meets DJ Super star - Judge Jules - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco

After reading about our history we hope you feel comfortable with us and hopefully its ‘broken the ice’ at a little.
If you would like to know more about us please get in touch, We would love to hear from you 🙂

Dave and Belinda.
The HSMD Team

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