Public Address Hire

Public Address Hire

When members of the public attend your function, A public address system is a great way to keep them informed about key events.
It might be that raffle tickets are on sale, or maybe that a performance is about to start. No matter what it is, Grab their attention and help make your function a success!

Public Address - PA Hire - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco

Health and Safety

I know, I know… just the mention of H&S strikes fear into any event organiser. But did you know Public Address Systems are a really effective way to appease health and safety regulations? Not to mention your public liability insurance may actually stipulate the need for one!

Lost Child?  “Can the parent or guardian of a miss Jessica Roberts please come to the PA Kiosk”
Lost Property? “Ladies and Gentlemen if you can check your pockets for missing items, We have been handed some keys”
Accident or Injury? “Can we have first aid to the waltzers please”

And still on the topic of Health & Safety… 
Our P.A Equipment is Electrical Safety Tested (PAT Tested) and covered under our own Public Liability Insurance

The Equipment

Speakers on sturdy tripod stands – Sound from speakers on stands will travel much further than floor standing speakers.
Microphone(s) – To make your address or announcements. Corded and wireless microphone options, Microphone stands available.
Mixing Desk – A Desk housing the Amplifier, Mixer and cables to power the PA system. The mixing desk will have a variety of inputs. Great for multiple microphones, and music from external sources such as an i-pod.

Public Address - PA Hire - Speakers and Microphone - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco

The speakers we use for PA hire focus their power / frequency response in the mid to high range. This means they are BEST suited for voice applications such as public address announcements.
They will of course play music should you require it but we must highlight that they are not designed to fully replicate the lower frequencies. We only advise light background music with these systems.

If you require hire equipment aimed primarily at louder music, view our DJ-less Equipment Hire

Our P.A systems are NOT water proof however in the event of light rain we can provide speaker covers.
The mixing desk MUST be kept dry at all times, This means the use of a Gazebo (Not provided) or siting under cover.

Public Address - PA Hire - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco
Public Address Trailer. Note the Raised speakers on stands for voice announcements and Floor speakers for music.
Photo’s of PA on hire
Public Address - PA Hire - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco
Dual Microphone Setup for an employee Award Ceremony
Public Address - PA Hire - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco
Microphone Stands available, Great for Awards, Talent Contests and Stand-Up Comedy
Public Address - PA Hire - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco
Behind the scene’s view… Standing on the PA trailer. This carnival event required Public Address and Music. We stayed throughout the event, Playing music between announcements and performances.

Interested in hiring our PA equipment? 
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