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Child Parties with Games
Child Parties with games - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco

Party planning for your child? Combining several parties into one to spread the cost or how about organising the school disco?

From the age of walking up to 10 years old children love to walk and run about.
So why not celebrate their birthday with a ‘mini-disco’ and invite all their friends.

Children are stimulated by colour and light and for that very reason we supply the full ‘light show’ like any adult celebration.
However unlike an adult party, music volume is comparatively lower so as to protect the children’s sensitive hearing.

Using age appropriate music and relevant games, Our CRB / Disclosure checked Professional DJ is interactive.
Not only will the DJ leave the DJ booth, But with a wireless microphone talks to the children throughout the games. Motivating involvement and engagement alike.
With all the running around, Even the DJ gets worn out by the end of the party!

Child Parties with Games - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco
Child Parties Timeline

The party will be either 2 hours long.  The first 30 minutes will be children’s music while all the children arrive.
Once all the children have arrived/accounted for then games start. The pace/feel of the music becomes upbeat enticing the children to participate in games. 
The prospect of winning sweets, trophies, medals or stickers for the winner also helps engagement. Games and activities vary depending on the age group.

About half way through we recess for food. The DJ will encourage the children to find a chair at the table or to sit in a circle on the dance floor once they have been served.
It can take the children 15-20 minutes to eat, During which the music is quieter allowing the children to concentrate on eating.
Child Parties with Games - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco

After eating comes the birthday cake. We organise the children onto the dance floor and an adult brings in the birthday cake covered in candles. The children all sing happy birthday, shout hip hip hooray and we launch back into more party games right up till the end of the party.
Child Parties with Games - Happy Sounds Mobile Disco

If your child has particular music tastes, let us know ahead of your booking and we can incorporate their music into the party to ensure they hear their favourite songs.

You may be wondering why there are no photo’s of children at parties on this page and the absence of child party photo’s on our social media channels.
As a rule, we do not take photo’s of under 18’s. Not only would you need permission from every parent (as you would during sports day at school) but we believe our stance on this helps protect the children from exposure on the internet and the perils that lie therein.

For advertising/social media purposes we only take photo’s of cakes, banners, game props and our equipment setup.
Without photo’s and video to promote our child parties we rely on word of mouth and personal recommendations.

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